random skecth 1.8

Hi Folks ,long time not see yeah i`ve been in cave haha
and this is it a bunch of sketches i have done when lunch time

soo lets see e e e e

some thumbnail of tall and fat people , and groot too

some goblin inpire by joe mad "Avenging spider man" and tremors at the bottom

goblin again and hulk on the left side 

zombie batman and spiderman and tremors and goblin

titan i think ,and skull head 

dinosaurus and astronot at the same page 

a man and then weird fish 

blurry image of muslce torso muscle

man whit a big belly on the certer

head study of monk and moster

yeah bulldog general and monk make something

creep skull and the elders

anatomy study

head study

and ghoul from darksiders univers and groot behind

creature study

wofl study

random sketches

i am bat mannnn

i dont now waht exactly is but i am remember thats darksiders

crab mr crab

fat man ,bulldog and fish

porr hulk

and thank you for wacthing :)

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